Unique LED Lit Countertops, Vanities and Sinks
January 23, 2014 Countertop Blog

Here is a video that depicts some unique LED lit countertops, produced by Crafted Countertops in Genoa City, Wis. The company, which fabricates quartz surfacing, granite, solid surface, laminate, recycled materials and others, seems to have a knack for using lighting to highlight countertops, or making “NightLight Tops” as it calls them.

While this video doesn’t show the fabrication process at all, it certainly offers a variety of examples of finished work, and some idea of how the task is accomplished can be gleaned from just seeing the video.

One thing that interested me was how the lights played off of the various sink choices. The white opaque sinks appear to catch the glow from the lighting and reflect it like a projection of color (the company seems to prefer to use color-changing lights in these applications. Alternatively, glass sinks seem to absorb the color and internalize it, making for a very futuristic look.

While this type of countertop is not for everyone, it certainly can be a stand0out for someone looking for something post-modern and adventurous.

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