Great Insight For Specifying Tile, Stone
October 5, 2012 Countertop Blog

If you work in the commercial arena – whether fabricator or specifier – there is a great article I ran across that you should check out. It’s entitled “Good Specs Mean Good Tile and Stone Installations” and can be found here.

The article ran in the December issue of the Construction Specifier magazine and was penned by Donato V. Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA, of Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants, Inc. (CTaSC).

Not only does it discuss the importance of meeting critical industry standards and writing a spec for the specific job rather than just cutting and pasting in generic language, it also talks about quality control and the value of using a quality product, and just as important, a quality fabricator/installer that has been properly trained.

And it was awarded by the Construction Specifier Institute as the best article of the year, so others are taking note too.

Read it, share it and send us your feedback – we’d love to hear your opinion…

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  1. Interior decoration is a matter of pleasure or stress, depending on how you look at it.

  2. Andrea A Johnson

    These are impressive articles. Keep up the sunny handiwork.

  3. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us. I hadnt read it before but I agree everyone should read it if they are specifying stone or tile or other surfaces.

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