Cinclips Undermount Sink Support System Now Available
June 28, 2014 Featured

Cinclips offers its patent-pending undermount sink support system, which holds up to 550 lbs. These sink mounting brackets are easily installed without drilling holes into the surface or using special glues or epoxies, and do not require reaching up to the stone to screw in anchors. Although they are made to last a lifetime, they can be removed for sink replacement or service if needed. Sinks can be mounted quickly and hooked up immediately, with no wait time. They are also suitable for remounts and repairs. They are mounted to the inside of a cabinet and the brace supports the sink and the countertop. They are also insect- and moisture-resistant. Each pack comes with four standard-sized braces and one short brace for the front and hardware. They simply screw into the cabinet and wedge up under the sink. They are made in the United States and are available directly through the company or through a variety of distributors. Bulk discounts are available.

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  1. We welcome all to check out the newly developed undermount sink setting system . It is strong and easy to install! Get yours today.

  2. Albert OOstwold

    We are very interested in this Cinclip Undermount sink support.

    Can you send us offer for this??

    Best regards
    The Netherlands
    Albert Oostwold

  3. Very interested in more detail about the mounts along with pricing. Also was wandering if you were going to set up area distributorships

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