Embedded LED Light Pattern in Vanity / Countertop
July 26, 2016 Countertop Videos/Podcasts

This video put forward by Digital Ambiance shows a unique embedded LED light project, that is atypical of the standard backlighting for several reasons.

First the project was done using wood as the counter material, which isn’t often the subject of a backlighting project.However, the video did state that this type of thing could be done pretty much with any material.

Also, the backlighting wasn’t done in a uniform manner across the surface, as might be seen with onyx or other translucent materials, but rather shapes were routed into the top that were subsequently filled with a translucent opaque resin. Under the various shapes color-changing LED lights were placed.

Overall, while it is doubtful that many would choose this particular style for their home, the effect is just plain cool.

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