Video: TPB Tech Porcelain-based Compact Surface Includes Built-in Induction Heating

Posted on 07 June 2016 by cradmin

Here’s a new take on countertops that we haven’t seen yet, which is rare indeed. In this video put out by TPBarcelona, the company’s TPB Tech product is featured. This porcelain-based material has all of the great properties associated with similar products, such as very high heat tolerance, great durability and scratch resistance, near impervious to staining and etching and UV stability. However, the one really amazing feature is that it also includes built in induction heating allowing users to cook right on the surface. The locations of the “burners” are noted with laser light and temperature controls are built in, as well. Because induction heating only works to heat conductive materials (i.e. metal – and quite quickly at that), and non-conductive materials (plastics, human skin, etc.) are not affected. As such, the areas where cooking takes place are cool to the touch and will not damage non-conductive items coming in contact with them.

This video may very well be showing us the future of the kitchen that is taking place right now (in this case, primarily in Spain).

You may also be interested in this video on testing of ultracompact surfaces.

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  1. Norman Says:

    This is the most silly video I’ve seen about this system, it’s very obvious that worktops with integrated induction systems have a future but what’s the point of putting a cast iron pot on your expensive top with the risk of scratching it? Because this is what happens after a while when something get stuck between the pot and surface in a real life situation.

    Cutting vegetables and a lemon straight on the surface may tell something about the fantastic properties of high tech ceramics but any sane person knows that it will damage your precious knives. Another example of a very unrealistic situation.

    Here is a Dutch example of using Dekton and induction cooking in a 3 star Michelin restaurant This is the way to promote a product in my opinion. Am still saving some cash to have a look myself :-)

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