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Formica Introduces 13 New Solid Surface Colors

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Formica Introduces 13 New Solid Surface Colors

Posted on 09 October 2013 by cradmin

Formica 'Copper Quartz' solid surface

Formica ‘Copper Quartz’ solid surface

Formica Corporation introduced 13 new solid surface colors, adding new quartz-like patterns and shimmer to the brand’s collection of smooth, seamless and nonporous solid surfacing products. The company’s design team styled the latest patterns to coordinate with a variety of Formica brand surfacing products, a concept dubbed Colorbox. “We first introduced the Colorbox concept in 2010 to visually demonstrate how different surfacing materials, colors, textures and patterns can work together in commercial interiors,” said Gerri Chmiel, Formica Corporation’s senior design manager. “The Colorbox concept allows the architecture and design community to confidently pair Formica Solid Surfacing products with complementary high pressure laminate offerings.”

The 2013 Formica Solid Surfacing introduction includes patterns in five categories: Luna, a small-scale, quartz-like pattern available in a full color range to coordinate with the brand’s recent high pressure laminate introductions; Quartz,  a larger-scale, quartz-like pattern with metallic particulates for added shimmer and depth; Sparkle, subtle, reflective white and gray architectural colors that provide a contemporary alternative to basic solids; Travertine, with the look of natural travertine, but with the durability of solid surface; and Mirage, a speckled pattern introduced in gray and rust brown.

The Luna colors are: Luna Sail White, a soft, warm white; Luna Fossil, a pale blue-green; Luna Storm, a cool, dark gray; Luna Stone, a mid-tone, warm taupe; Luna Concrete, a mid-tone, cool gray; and Luna Weather, a dark, warm gray.

The Quartz colors are: Bottle Glass Quartz, which is inspired by the colors of recycled glass and has a bright white base with large particulates of blue, brown and gray; Cafe Quartz, a soft caramel with large blue, translucent and metallic copper particulates; and Copper Quartz (pictured here), a warm gray with large white, gray and metallic copper particulates.

The Sparkle colors include: White Sparkle, a warm white with a metallic dusting of silver mica; and Gray Sparkle – cool gray with a metallic dusting of silver mica.

The remaining two colors are: Noce Travertine, a  warm brown ground that swirls with veins of cool gray and dark brown, has gray and white particulates; and Mirage, a gray with warm rust-brown particulates.

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