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GranQuartz Offers New Edge Polishing Tools

Posted on 17 August 2016 by cradmin

GranQuartz edge finishing wheelsGranQuartz Offers two new edge polishing combo wheels. The ProSeries Fusion Combo Wheels available from GranQuartz are designed for single pass edge finishing on both bullnose and straight edge profiles. Suitable for Park Industries’ Velocity machines for both granite and engineered stone, they are 130 or 150mm in diameter with Snail Lock Connections. The second ProSeries wheels, the NTR2Combo, are made for made in the same sizes and for the same uses, but on backsplash machines. Best flat, it can be used for round profile polishing and requires very low pressure, reducing stress on spindle heads.

You may also be interested in this video displaying a variety of different edge profiles.

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RouterBitsNow.com Offers New Bit Styles

Posted on 05 August 2016 by cradmin

Router Bits NowRouterBitsNow.com offers one-step router bits for a 1/8-in. radius in solid surface. The company caries all of the major manufacturers bowl bit recommendations in 1/8- and ½-in radius options. The company also offers a four-bit set that includes bits for a 1/8-in radius and 10, 15 and 20 degree bowl profiles.

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Weha Develops 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads

Posted on 12 April 2016 by cradmin


Designed to work for wet and dry granite, marble and engineered stone and quartz, the Weha 3-Step Hybrid Polishing Pads can reportedly save fabricators a good amount of time needed to complete a project by reducing the polishing process from the more  traditional 7-step process to only three steps. The polishing pads are made of diamond and high-quality resins designed to produce better quality finish and allow for more efficient polishing, according to the company. And, they are priced in the same range as traditional 7-step polish pad.

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Weha Introduces Xubi 1 3/8-in. Dry Diamond Core Bit

Posted on 03 December 2015 by CRadmin3

XUBI Dry diamond core bitWeha introduced the  Xubi 1 3/8-in. dry diamond core bit, a high speed core bit for granite, engineered stone, quartz and concrete countertop materials. According to the company, the bits will reach between 70 and 85 holes per core bit because of its high concentration of diamonds. The Xubi bits feature vacuum brazed diamonds on the inside and outside of the core and side diamonds to allow the hole to be easily expanded. At 4-in. in total length, the diamond core bits are designed for drilling free hand, stated the company. The bits have very sharp diamond lines to start the drilling on the stone at an angle without skipping across the stone. The bits are suitable for wet or dry use and have a max RPM of 10,000.

You may also be interested in this article about a portable profiler offered by MK Diamond.

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Lackmond Products, Inc. Acquires Diamond Tooling Solutions

Posted on 11 November 2015 by cradmin

Lackmond DTS logosMarietta, Georgia-based Lackmond Products, Inc., a supplier of diamond tools, carbide tools and equipment, and parent company of Lackmond Stone, acquired Diamond Tooling Solutions (DTS), of Royalton, Minn. DTS was founded in 2010 and its product lines consist of Tyrolit CNC Tooling, Nemi Vacuum Pods and many other tools and supplies for the stone fabricator. The company’s ability to offer support and application solutions to automated fabrication shops has made it a valuable resource to the stone fabricator. Whether it’s calibrating a CNC machines, setting up a new tooling or helping provide other solutions in the shop, DTS provides the support and knowledge to help the stone fabrication shop become more efficient and profitable.

“Troy Gertken and his team created significant value through their experience and expertise with operating CNC Machines, not only providing the best CNC tooling in the industry, Tyrolit, but also giving solutions and support to their many customers,” said Cliff Sallis, president and owner of Lackmond Products, Inc. “We intend to commit all our resources to continuing Troy’s and DTS’s legacy and extending their vast coverage, as well as expanding Lackmond Stone’s footprint in the stone industry. Mr. Sallis emphasized that Lackmond’s acquisition will allow the company to pursue its growth strategy in the stone market.

“Our team has done an outstanding job positioning DTS as a leader with extensive knowledge in the CNC tooling and stone business,” said Troy Gertken, president and owner of DTS. “Lackmond Products, through their Lackmond Stone division, has a keen understanding of our industry and we are fortunate to have them as a partner as we continue to expand our business.”

More information is available at www.Lackmond.com.

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Alpha Professional Tools Introduces ‘Reznet’ Sanding Screens

Posted on 13 October 2015 by cradmin

Alpha Reznet Sanding ScreensAlpha Professional Tools introduced its new Reznet Sanding Screens, a  multi-purpose sanding product that combines high-quality abrasive grit, a nylon net and a hook & loop backing to remove dust from grinding/cutting surfaces. It maintains cool cutting during the toughest applications on difficult materials, according to the company. And it provides a virtually dust-free application with the convenience of a hook & loop operation that helps decrease sanding time while increasing its lifespan, making it more cost-effective.  The screens come as discs or rectangular pads and are made for dual-, orbital- or gear-action sanders, as well as hand pads for manual use. Pads are 2-3/4-in.-wide and in lengths of 5, 8 and 16 in., while disc sizes are 5, 6 and 9 in.

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Weha Offers New 4-In., 5-step Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

Posted on 16 September 2015 by CRadmin3

WEHA dry polishing padsThe new diamond dry polishing pads from Weha are made with the latest multi-diamond matrix bond technology, reports the manufacturer. They are designed for polishing granite, marble, quartzite and other natural stone surfaces. The pads may also be used for wet polishing quartz surfacing and other engineered stone. According to the company, each of the five diamond step pads has its own unique combination of diamonds and matrix bond to gradually create the highest natural polish using only five diamond polishing pads.

You may also be interested in this article on Regent Stone’s Quartz polishing system.

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Lackmond Stone Offers New Bridge Saw Blade

Posted on 04 September 2015 by cradmin

Lackmond Stone Pro Bridge Saw BladeLackmond Stone offers the new Lackmond PRO Bridge Saw Blade that, according to the manufacturer, using the latest evolution of pattern diamond technology. The blade is manufactured with the diamonds arranged in a specific order that is said to result in consistent wear and cutting. The bridge saw blade is designed to be used on granite, marble, quartz surfacing/engineered stone and other natural stone. It has tall (26mm) segments that reportedly allow for increased life. The blades are suitable for use on 15+ HP saws and are available in 12- to 18-in. sizes.

You may also be interested in this article on Diamond Tools new bridge saw blades.

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New Repairable Vacuum Cups Now Available from Better Vacuum Cups

Posted on 12 June 2015 by cradmin

SS200400  repairable vacuum cup from Better Vacuum Cups, Inc., which can be easily repaired.

The SS200400 repairable vacuum cup.

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. is now offering its new line of SS200 and SS200400 vacuum cups that can be easily repaired if damaged. And, they are almost half  the weight of many other stone cups, and have a patented modular design for strength. However, one of the greatest features is that in situations where tooling and vacuum cups make unwanted and damaging contact, the cups can be repaired. This can save significant amounts of money, and is easily accomplished.

SS200 Repairable Vacuum Cup from Better Vacuum Cups, Inc.

The popular 8×8 model of the SS200 Repairable Vacuum Cup.

The rubber lids (that are identical for both the top and the bottom) are quickly replaced in about 30 seconds, preventing significant downtime and saving shop owners money. Additionally, they fit perfectly without any leaks and no foam gaskets are needed, reports Better Vacuum Cups.

For more information on the SS Series of Repairable Vacuum Cups from Better Vacuum Cups, Inc., or any of the company’s other products, visit the its website at  www.greenbvc.com or call (877) 872-2821.

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GranQuartz Expands Polishing Wheels Line

Posted on 05 May 2015 by cradmin

Granquartz polishing wheelsGranQuartz added a several new polishing wheels. Among them are Abressa Dimond Bullnose Polishing Wheels; Diarex ICE Combo Polishing Wheels; Dongsin Nautilus Inline Combo 5-in. Polishing Wheels; and Legend Flat Edge Polishing Wheels (show here). All are available in a variety of sizes and grit sizes, and are designed for polishing radius and flat edges on granite, marble and engineered stone with snail-lock attachment.

You may also be interested in this article on Applied Diamond Tools Router Bits.

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