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Oceanside Glasstile Introduces New Colors and Pattern

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Oceanside Glasstile Introduces New Colors and Pattern

Posted on 28 December 2016 by CRadmin3

Muse Collection - Repose pattern in Mauna Blend

Muse Collection – Repose pattern in Mauna Blend

The newest colors, blends and pattern in the Oceanside Glasstile product offering represent the serenity of Hawaii’s natural landscape and bring to mind a sense of peace and calm that can transform any space into a little piece of paradise.

“When creating the new colors we wanted to broaden the range of two complimentary spectrums, allowing for softer gradient transitions,” reflects Oceanside Glasstile Designer Cathy Aroz, “The three new colors are the result of playing with hues and shades of popular colors Clear, Bondi, and Truffle.”

Looking at these three new additions together, Oceanside Glasstile’s creative team was reminded of the beauty and depths of a tropical paradise and wanted to pay tribute to the spirit of Hawaii by using Hawaiian names Nalu (wave), Kai (ocean) and Koa (native tree) for the colors and Puna, Kalani and Mauna to describe three new blends created with these colors.

Oceanside Glasstileoceanside-mauna oceanside-puna






Each blend is a combination of some of the company’s most popular colors. The company states that these new colors and blends are ideal in applications such as a pool water line, along shower walls, in the kitchen, a powder room, or entry way, to transform any space into a place of serenity and balance.

Complimenting these warm island colors is a new Muse collection pattern: Repose. The pattern is inspired by the minimalistic, nature-oriented designs of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Greene. Creatively designed for multiple applications, glass tile in a Repose pattern can be used to enhance an entire wall or be applied as a border. Oceanside describes the pattern as being direct and understated, but when combined with creative colors and finishes, it lights up and dances with humble exuberance.

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