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Antolini Introduces Exclusive Collection

Posted on 30 January 2018 by Sydne Unnerstall

Brèche de Vendôme

Antolini has introduced its newest collection for 2018. This year’s collection is Antolini’s greatest, with 59 extraordinary stones from every corner of the globe. The company offers creations in multiple finishes, through a select network of distributors and partners. The array of stones within the Exclusive Collection aims to embrace the many shades found throughout Mother Nature; from the lush, tender green hues of Irish Green to the rich and warm tones of Bronze Amani. The vast array of stones within this collection fully embraces the many shades found throughout Mother Nature’s most astounding artworks.

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Antolini Introduces Azerocare Natural Stone Treatment

Posted on 13 February 2017 by CRadmin3

Antolini Azerocare

Azerocare from Antolini is a proprietary treatment that reportedly gives marble, onyx and soft quartzites protection against etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based foods, oil, fat and grease.

According to the company it does not affect the colors and characteristics of the natural stone it is applied on. It is also an bacteriostatic treatment and only needs a neutral soap,  water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean the surface after usage.

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Antolini Introduces Bronze Amani

Posted on 18 October 2016 by CRadmin3

antolini-bronze-amaniAntolini’s Exclusive Collection is a unique offering of natural stone surface materials designed to complement today’s modern residential architecture. Among these stone designs is the newest addition, Bronze Amani, a variation that originates from a quarry in Spain and contains an assortment of rich earth tones. The color palette of Bronze Amani is cohesive with classic, bold patterns and textures. Antolini states that the material can also enhance the characteristics of contemporary, minimalistic interiors. Bronze Amani makes surroundings welcoming and relaxing.

Available in Polished, Lether and Antique finishes, Bronze Amani displays a color palette of classic yet bold patterns and textures, and works well as a complement to contemporary minimalistic interiors. In rooms where Bronze Amani is applied as the primary material or as an accent —in either horizontal or vertical applications—the impact can be remarkable, as the material has a variety of distinctive traits.

According to Antolini, the material can be a highly effective design treatment. “Bronze Amani’s warm, embracing earth tones and golden hues embody romance, elegance, and tranquility,” says Antolini, “while at the same time, it is remarkably dynamic and has the ability to reflect light and enlarge any surrounding where it is applied. It can make surroundings welcoming and relaxing, turning them into a unique oasis of peace and relaxation.”

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Antolini Adds to The Signature Stone Collection

Posted on 05 July 2016 by CRadmin3

Antolini Invisible Blue

Antolini Invisible Blue

Antolini added two new designs to its Signature Stone Collection. Invisible Blue Signature Stone has an intricate and unique design with bluish grey undertones that form a striking contrast against the white coloring, creating an almost glowing effect, reports the company.

Antolini Invisible Grey

Antolini Invisible Grey


The Invisible Grey Signature Stone displays a unique pattern that consists of an almost shattered look with delicate lines of the dark grey contrasting against the lighter tones.


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Antolini Adds Black Absolute Gold to Natura Collection

Posted on 16 June 2016 by CRadmin3

Antolini’s Black Absolute Gold DesignThe Natura Collection by Antolini was inspired by Antolini’s love of transforming surroundings by crafting natural stone in new and unique ways that enable the full potential of the materials to be realized. The Black Absolute Gold Design created by Antolini is a dark polished granite embellished with golden strands in a fusion of modern and classical.  This detailing evokes a sense of modernism that elevates and inspires.

The material is available in slabs of 51½ in. (nominal) height and variable length depending on block dimension, thickness ¾ in. or 1¼ in. (nominal). Upon request and for specific materials only, Antolini can produce up to 71 in. (nominal) high slab.

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Antolini Adds to its 2015 Signature Stone Collection

Posted on 13 November 2015 by CRadmin3

Antolini Fusion Wow

Antolini’s ‘Fusion Wow’ color

Antolini’s 2015 Signature Stone Collection now offers six new natural stone choices with A Zerobact treatment. According to the company, A Zerobact treatment prevents the growth of bacteria and mold on natural stone without altering the color or properties of the stone. The bacteriostatic treatment seeps into the stone and allows for the application of a sealer or other treatments. The six recently released signature stones are Copper Dune, Angel Jasper Brown, Black Cosmic, Fusion WOW (pictured here), Naica Quartz and Quartzite Cielo. These stones are available in a large slab format.

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Antolini Introduces Multicolored ‘Fusion WOW’ Quartzite

Posted on 16 June 2015 by cradmin

Antolini Fusion Wow_Dark Antolini now offers a select line of its new Fusion WOW slabs, which are rare multicolored quartzite. The company has the exclusive rights to this Brazilian stone, which it classifies three ways: Light, Dark and Multicolor. Each variety of this unique stone offers a palette of maroons, blues, coppers, whites, greys and greens among Earth tones, all shifted in gorgeous blurred patterns that nearly defy description.

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Antolini Offers Precioustone Surfacing Line Made from Gemstones

Posted on 06 March 2015 by cradmin

Antolini Precioustone Antolini is increasing the availability of its Precioustone line in North America, which is made of gem stones such as agate, amazonite, amethyst, apatite, aragonite, calcite, carnelian, emerald flourite, hermatite, jasper, labradorite, obsidian, opal, quartz, septaria, serpentine, sodalite and unakitrae. The natural precious stones cover most of the color spectrum, from bright blues, greens, and pinks, to darker earthen tones and are harvested from the ground. All 119 types of the material are available in the standard slab size 109 in by 58 in., and thicknesses of ¾ in. or 1¼ in. They are also available in the new extra large slab size of 124 in. by 75 in. by 1¼-in. thick. Custom cut-to-size pieces are also available upon request. Fabrication is handled using machinery, blades and equipment similar to granite and other natural stone.

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