Solid Surface Countertop Crack Repair

Posted on 11 November 2013 by cradmin

Here is a video that shows the complete steps from beginning to ending on how to repair a solid surface countertop. While there are numerous methods for doing this, this is one interesting way. This video was shared by Nurlex Fabrication in the United Kingdom, and shows a pretty complex crack repair in a DuPont Corian countertop.

There are a couple of things that maybe could be done a little better in the video, such as flat sanding, versus tipping the sander on its edge (which could possibly cause low spots in the material), and the narrator uses the term “v-groove” when he means “v-shaped groove” instead of the v-grooving process, but the video is done quite well and the point comes across strongly.

We hope you enjoy this video, and if you have or know of a video that we should share, please send a link to for consideration.

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  1. W. R. Burruss Says:

    Excellant vidio
    My question concerns a crack that goes thru a bull nose with a 3/4″ radius and how to repair it…


  2. Rob Prybylo Says:

    I recently caused a ~ 6″ crack in a 4′ X 8′ nano glass countertop while staying at a friends house while on vacation in Vancouver. BC. Is there any way to repair it?

  3. Bob Keller Says:


    I have 3-spiter web cracks (appox. 3″ long each) that I would like information regarding the best way to repair on my hard surface kitchen counter top?

    Note: I have a lot of the same colored counter top material (from back splash) that was removed/saved; i.e.: 4″ wide x 1/2″ thick x 10′ long.

    Thank you in advance for any information/steps so to repair.

    Bob Keller
    Lincoln, NE 68506
    402/853-3147 (cell#)

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