Schultz Forming Products Carries Solid Surface Vacuum Former

Posted on 12 August 2016 by cradmin

Schultzform - CopyManufactured by Schultz Forming Products, the Solid Surface Vacuum Former is available in two standard sizes: 48 by 103 in. and 48 by 150 in., however custom sizes are also available. The membrane frame raises 28 in. for tall projects. The machine uses a reserve tank to hold vacuum pressure so that there is no need for a large pump that has to run all the time making the units energy efficient. The vacuum pressure is easily controlled with a Mercoid switch. All functions are controlled electronically with a simple to understand panel located on the front of the unit: “Power On,” “Frame Up/Down,” Apply Vacuum” and “Release” to dump the vacuum, which allows a faster frame opening action for project removal. The Membrane is held in place with snaps for easy removal. Used mainly for forming solid surface materials and plastics, it can also be used for decorative sheet film and porous materials like veneer. They are durable, maintenance-free and easy to use, reports the company.

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