Rodding Granite Countertops

Posted on 12 December 2013 by cradmin

To rod, or not to rod? Some say it is a must, others say it is an option. However, if you ever have to replace a countertop because of a crack at the sink cut-out, you may forever believe it is the only way to go. Either way, there are times that rodding is a must, and here is a short video we found from Alpha Tools that shows a simple method for accomplishing this process.

We know there are a variety of systems and adhesives and even rods out there that can be used for this task, so if you have a different method or one you think is better, please comment on this video post and share your thoughts.

And always feel free to send us a link to your favorite videos at

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  1. Joseph Corlett Says:

    The video doesn’t specify the type of rod which should only be stainless steel or fiberglas nor does it specify the adhesive which should only be epoxy.

    A steel rod set in polyester can cause catastrophic failure if the sink flange begins to leak, saturates the stone, degrades the polyester, and oxidizes the rod which then expands and breaks the stone:

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  1. Weha Carbon Fiber Rodding Says:

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