Park Industries Introduces 3 New Models to TITAN CNC Router Line

Posted on 05 June 2014 by cradmin

TITAN-1800_01Park Industries has added three new models to its TITAN CNC Router Line: The TITAN 2600, the TITAN 2700 and the TITAN 2800, brining the total number of machines in the line to six. All of the new models use a 24-HP Quantum Belt Drive Spindle.

Like their 1000 Series predecessors, the new 2000 series of TITAN CNC Router allows users to cut, route, shape and polish stone with fast machine movements. User-friendly interface technology simplifies programming by using a bar code system programmed for specific operations. The routers also use Integrated Tool Management™ system that automatically monitors, measures and compensates for tool wear. The machines’ work surfaces offer dependable holding power and will never corrode or dent, according to the company.

Other features include: Layout and stone image capture capability; laser positioning; and
Owner Protection Services™ that automatically notify users of routine machine maintenance.

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