Moraware Releases Major Software Update

Posted on 27 July 2013 by CRadmin2

Moraware recently announced a major update to its CounterGo software, which allows countertop fabricators and authorized account users to design and quote jobs in just a few minutes.

Moraware is one of the leading manufacturers of software for the countertop fabrication industry, and it has helped fabricators with more than 2 million countertop installations to date. While the company’s JobTracker software has been a strong anchor, the CounterGo design and quote system has been a welcome addition for many fabricators.

About CounterGo

CounterGo consists of three linked modules that allow fabricators and dealers to accurately draw, layout and estimate countertop jobs in a matter minutes. The drawing module responds to mouse movements, but unlike freehand drawings, the lines, corners and shapes are automatically adjusted to geometric perfection.

072713_0204_MorawareRel2.pngThis adds an air of professionalism to the drawings, which can then be presented to clients.

The layout module of CounterGo is used to accurately predict how many slabs or remnants will be required for the job. Each section of the countertop from the drawing can be laid out on full slabs or remnants set to custom sizes. Each section can then be moved and adjusted on the material layouts so that each slab is used in the most efficient manner possible.

The quote system in CounterGo is comprised of four sections. The top section is for client and job information. Below that is a section that reproduces the drawings and measurements that were created earlier, and next to that is an area for a detailed, written quote. Finally, the last section is reserved for statements, disclaimers and notes with a space for a client signature. This can then be printed or converted into a PDF file for delivery to the client.

Access for Authorized Users

The recent update to CounterGo adds support for a powerful new feature. Now, fabricators can add authorized account users to their CounterGo systems. This permits dealers to enter the system and write quotes on their own without having to wait for the fabricator to do it. Drawings, layouts and quotes can be created when the fabricator is not available, or existing quotes can be modified to meet updated specifications.

As a safety measure, account users are not given full access to the system. Although dealers may create and change quotes, they cannot be deleted, and prices cannot be changed. In addition, dealers can only create or modify quotes for accounts that have been assigned to that particular user.

The price for new authorized users is the same as the price for standard CounterGo users. For more information about CounterGo software, visit

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