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Masco New Jersey Countertop Facility Closing

Posted on 04 October 2012 by cradmin

Masco Cabinetry is closing its countertop facility in Lakewood, N.J., on Nov. 21, and laying off 191 employees.  Most of the employees will reportedly keep their jobs through December so orders in the works can be completed. The company has said it will help the departing workers to find other work.

“Given the competitive environment, Masco Cabinetry has decided to restructure its approach to servicing the countertop marketplace,” Rick  Roetken, company president. “We believe  there are great  benefits to the cabinetry and countertop partnership.  We will continue  to serve our kitchen and vanity countertop customers  through our other  facilities and our network of DeNova Certified  Fabricators.  Unfortunately, however, this decision results in us  needing to close our  Lakewood manufacturing operations.”

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  1. Allen Says:

    I couldn’t find much information about Masco and it shutting down its countertop operations elsewhere. I think these types of super-sized fabrication facilities are having a tough time keeping up the volume that they need to support their businesses. There has been consolidation in the past few years, so some of them have fared well, but not all of them, as this article shows. The countertop fabrication industry is a fickle one, I guess…

  2. Bruce Says:

    I think this is an all-to-common story lately among countertop fabricators regardless of if they are working with quartz, granite, marble, solid surface, laminate or whatever. Hopefully things will change with the damn election over with and our government will get back to work doing something other than standing still!

  3. Butch S. Says:

    My granite and solid surface shop has grown to be one of the larger ones in the country and sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t more profitible, especially in tough times, when my business was smaller!

  4. fabricatorrrr Says:

    It’s sad to see any countertop fabricator have to close down a shop, regardless of if it is granite, solid surface, laminate or whatever or the size of the facility.

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