L.E. Smith Company Launches New Quartz Program and Quoting Technology

Posted on 20 January 2017 by CRadmin3

A screen shot of LE Smith's new SQUAD countertop quoting system

A screen shot of LE Smith’s new SQUAD countertop quoting system that allows clients to quote jobs independantly

The L.E. Smith Company introduced a unique quartz countertop offering and a web-based quartz quoting tool. Both investments support the evolving business needs of their broad client base, and exemplify L.E. Smith’s passion for bringing meaningful value to the construction and kitchen and bath industries.

According to the company, the new quartz countertop program is unique to the industry because clients are not charged for offall. “Clients are amazed and ecstatic when I share that they are only charged for the material that they use. They are all accustomed to having to pay for full sheets and additional square footage. This program eliminates that issue for them,” stated Brian Smith, Owner and Director of Sales. Smith also shared that the variety and quantity of “in stock” colors from known brands Viatera®, Hanstone®, Silestone®, Wilsonart® Quartz, and TruQuartz is unique to the industry.  The program boasts 40+ colors (with more coming,) a fast lead time (just 2-3 weeks from sign-off,) and the ability to quote countertop projects online.

To offer quoting in real time, L.E. Smith developed a web-based technology solution named SQUAD.  SQUAD allows clients to independently quote a Quartz kitchen, bathroom, or multi-unit project in minutes and with confidence.  SQUAD houses quotes in a client library, and long term, will allow clients to quote and order for all projects and in all surfaces.  SQUAD will also house online training, industry resources, and sales analytics.  When asked about the unique name, Laura Juarez, CEO and President of L.E. Smith indicated that, “We liked the name SQUAD because it really conveys who we are to our clients.  We’re their SQUAD, working for them 24-7.  We have their back, and we’re always striving to bring them the products and technology that they need to succeed.”

For more information about the company and its offerings, visit www.lesmith.com.

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  1. Mike Says:

    The majority of fabricators have not charged for “offall” in years. Customers are quoted based on the sq. ft. of the project. It used to be a common practice to count the corner sq. ft. twice on an L-shaped counter and that rarely happens any more either. Consumers are watching too much TV and they don’t fall for these practices anymore.

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