GranQuartz Introduces Zoller Smile 3.0

Posted on 02 May 2017 by Sydne Unnerstall

GranQuartz ZOLLER_smile_FULLSIZEThe newly designed Smile Pilot 3.0 tool presetter and measuring machine for CNC profile tool aims to save time on initial set up of new profile tooling by reportedly getting precise measurements within minutes.

According to GranQuartz, most fabricators “eyeball” how much stock each position is removing, but with the Smile 3.0 each position can be set within the recommended parameters. The accuracy is said to increase the life of tooling, and also decrease premature shape loss.

Basic equipment includes Smile base table, high precision spindle with integrated calibration edge, image processing with telecentric objective and CCD camera with integrated incident light, windows 7 64-bit multilingual operating system, 24 in. anti-glare multi-touch display with solid frameless glass surface, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, one USB 3.0 interface, six USB 2.0 interfaces, two RJ45 network connections, 4 GB working memory, storage for at least 15,000 adapters and tool steps and includes two days of training and installation

LASSO software package can also be added, which gives the capability of creating a tool overlay to show the wear pattern of the entire profile, which tells if it is time to redress your tooling or to send tooling in for reshaping.

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