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Formica Adds 10 New Laminate Patterns, Upgrades Surfacing Technology

Posted on 11 February 2015 by cradmin

Formica new 180FX colors

Formica’s 4 new 180FX colors revealed at KBIS 2015

Not only did Formica Corporation add 10 new laminate patterns to its line-up, including four new additions to its 180fx® line (pictured here) and six PremiumFX™ patterns, it also improved its surfacing technology to increase durability. EliteForm™, the new surfacing technology, not only makes the laminate more durable and scratch-resistant, it also improves the ability to post-form tighter radius edge profiles. With the introduction of this new technology, two existing Formica finishes now join the residential horizontal lineup – Artisan™ and Gloss. Previously restricted to light-duty, horizontal applications, these finishes are now suitable for a variety of applications, including countertops. EliteForm surfacing technology will be available on all Formica brand laminate products.

The additions to the 180fx line, with its large repeat pattern provides a realistic appearance in small and large-scale applications. The new additions imitate the natural detail of stone and wood, while the Premium Series additions have the look of stone, concrete and horizontal wood. The patterns focus on a neutral palette to pair with any interior design concept. The new 180fx patterns include Strata Olympico, with a marble like distinctive linear pattern of contrasting white and gray stripes; Marbled Cappuccino, with intricate detailing of chocolate brown, cream, white and black; Ferro Graphite, with a brown-gray marble look featuring subtle swirls with bold white veins; Wide Planked Walnut in the new Natural Grain™ finish, with the look of a a mix of walnut heartwood and sapwood featuring light to medium brown tones.

The six new patterns in the PremiumFX Series include four stone and concrete like patterns and two horizontal wood patterns. The four new stone patterns include: Marfil Cream, with warm white tones and light gray accents that really come to life with the new Scovato™ finish, which is lightly textured and low-gloss; Marfil Antico has a travertine-like beige with dark gray accents and light veining, similar to concrete; Silver Quartzite, which was created to mimic natural stone, has a silver background laced with white and black veining, whispers of charcoal, rust and gray are present throughout; and White Ice Granite with a with background with blue-gray and warm gray clouds and charcoal veining.

The two new wood grains in the Natural Grain™ finish are Oxidized Beamwood, an elegant wood grain with soft brown tones weathered with a gray patina. This new finish enhances the look of modern or distressed woods in cathedral and straight grains; and Salvage Planked Elm, which captures the trend of reclaimed wood and features a dramatic visual of painted, vintage wood planks.

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