Federal Brace Adds Lincoln Top Plate Support to Hidden Countertop Support LIne

Posted on 05 October 2015 by cradmin

federal brace lincoln hidden supportFederal Brace added the Lincoln Top Plate Support to its line of hidden countertop supports as a way to achieve the floating countertop look. It includes a central plate flanked by two extending supporting arms that reinforce any overhang. The new design is made for mounting on a half wall, and when placed side-by-side on the length of the half wall, it eliminates having to route or create a special wall treatment under the counter, reports the company. The unseen support is designed to keep countertop end users from banging their knees. The support provides the strength and durability of a 1/4-in.steel bracket without having to connect the steel buttress of a heavy-duty bracket. The 1-ft.-long by 3-1/2-in-wide bracket is designed to run side-by-side along the length of a cabinet base, allowing for the elimination of a 2 by 4 from the wall top plate, saving money on materials. The bracket comes with a  step-by-step guide and designed slots that fasten without hitting nails in wall framework, made to make installation easier.

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