DayMark Safety Systems Offers First Aid Kit Solutions

Posted on 29 November 2017 by Sydne Unnerstall

Meeting OSHA regulations for facility safety is made simple with facility safety products from DayMark Safety Systems. Prevent workplace injuries by marking potential slip and fall hazards with wet floor signs and, in the event that an injury does occur, make sure your facility is equipped to quickly and safely handle it with OSHA-compliant first aid kits and bodily fluid spill cleanup products.

Building managers are responsible for ensuring first aid supplies are available for their staff. This is just one of many things managers and contractors may not be aware of regarding first aid kits, according to Duane Carey, head of DayMark Safety Systems.

Other key considerations Carey says we should be aware of include first selecting a first aid kit by analyzing past injuries in the workplace. In most cases, a standard but well-stocked first aid kit will address most situations. Many states have their own health and safety regulations that encompass first aid kits.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently updated first aid kit requirements into two classes, based on the contents and the number of first aid supplies included in the kits. Class A kits are designed for the common workplace injuries; Class B kits deal with more complex injuries or high-risk environments.

If first aid instructions are provided with the kit, make sure they are bi- or multilingual. In industrial locations, managers and service providers should have a work site safety assessment. This helps identify safety deficiencies, meet regulatory requirements, and determine what types of first aid kits are needed. It is also important to keep all first aid kits in easily accessible areas, There may also be regulatory requirements as to where the first aid kits are to be stored. Lastly, Managers and supervisors should monitor kits regularly to ensure enough supplies are available.

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