Cambria Introduces New Augmented Reality App

Posted on 27 December 2017 by Sydne Unnerstall

Cambria’s Augmented Reality (AR) app  now allows customers to see how Cambria designs will look on their own countertops, islands, and more. The downloadable app was designed to help customers envision possibilities for their homes. The app works by first scanning the chosen surface, setting surface outlines and then selecting the Cambria design that a customer wishes to see represented. Currently, Cambria AR can only operate for one surface at a time, so projects must be visualized separately.

To operate the app, first open Cambria AR and move device around the designed space to scan. Gold dots and grid lines will appear, which allows Cambria AR to map the surface. The app will then prompt step two, outlining your surface. Next pinpoints are used to mark the edges of the surface. When the border is set, it’s time to choose the desired Cambria Design. Finally, photos can be saved for later use. Screenshots can also be shared to social media.

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