Business Sense: Communication and Empathy Lead to Sales

Posted on 09 March 2017 by CRadmin3

6a015434939e0e970c01a511bd3d00970cThe prevailing attitude toward salespeople outside the profession is that the work is best suited to those who are obnoxious or, at the very least, aggressive, but the reality of the situation is that you can catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar. Leaders in sales positions understand that closing deals all comes down to two factors: empathy and communication.

While many businesses believe that they foster open communication between employees and with customers, and many of them do, there is always a little room for improvement. However, when it comes to empathy, there is usually much more room for improvement, but cultivating empathy can be very difficult.

Having empathy for your current and prospective customers means that you can relate to what they are feeling, and one of the most effective ways to cultivate empathy in your sales team is to ensure they experience what your customers experience. An easy way to accomplish this is to have them personally use the products or services they are selling.

Liz Tambasco, a seasoned business consultant in the countertop industry, revealed on episode 2 of the StoneTalk podcast that every new customer service representative at her countertop company was required to have his or her kitchen ripped apart. This helped them empathize with customers by understanding exactly how disruptive a kitchen remodel can be.

Once you have the ability to empathize with customers and prospects, it is simple matter to open the doors of communication. It is possible to set expectations and explain the entire process on a personal level. This also provides a chance to show that your company is capable of carrying out everything you say you will be doing.

Read the full article by Harry Hollander of Moraware here: Sales = Communication + Empathy

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