An Early Look at 2015 Kitchen Trends

Posted on 17 October 2014 by cradmin

Somrak-KitchensAlthough we are still in the autumn of 2014, most of us are already looking at what 2015 has in store for us. Much of our business depends on being able to accurately predict the latest trends, and many people are already taking a shot at what will be popular for new and redesigned homes next year. When it comes to kitchens, several opinions are floating around news outlets and blogs, and countertops are not going unnoticed. According to HGTV’s 9 Hot Trends for Today’s Kitchens , homeowners are moving away from continuous counters that fit around the perimeter and instead prefer freestanding pieces and island countertops. This is because the kitchen is being seen less as a utilitarian room for cooking but more as another type of living space. In addition, many people are now in the market for artistic upgrades to make their kitchens unique, and recycled materials, such as those containing depression-era glass, are becoming popular.

HGTV goes on to name the Top Countertop Materials for the Kitchen. Granite makes the list for being timeless, durable and easy to clean while some modern kitchens now have stainless steel countertops because they are nonporous, do not have to be sealed and resist bacterial growth. Another countertop material that is gaining popularity, according to HGTV, is butcher block, which is said to add warmth and rustic elegance.


Although marble is often considered too soft for kitchens, it is beloved by bakers and adds an element of glamour. Another material that is gaining widespread popularity is concrete. These countertops are versatile and can be designed and dyed to complement any décor. Finally, quartz is the countertop material of choice for many because of its stain and scratch resistance and its uniform look.

An article published by, Kitchen Trends or Kitchen Nightmares? Remodeling for 2015 covers remodeling trends for the coming year. Most kitchen remodels now include a change in countertops, and to corroborate HGTV, granite and quartz are the most popular choices. However, marble and tile countertops are close behind. In addition, countertops are increasingly being seen as an important element of the “kitchen triangle,” which is the busy space between the sink, range and refrigerator.

Another source of early kitchen trends for 2015 is Sharon’s Style Portfolio, the official blog of Sharon McCormick Design, LLC, in Durham, Conn. According to McCormick, the ultra-minimalist kitchen is starting to make waves. These so-called “invisible kitchens” were popularized by the Dutch Architectural firm known as i29 and show only a low profile countertop that is only a few centimeters thick, a faucet and a sink. All other fixtures and appliances are hidden behind sliding wall panels.


When it comes to countertops, McCormick proclaims that textured surfaces, such as leathered granite are gaining a foothold. She also asserts, like many of the others, that metal countertops, including stainless steel and copper are extremely popular. Last December, we ran a story about EOS Surfaces, distributed by Wilsonart, which is a copper-enhanced surfacing material that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria within two hours of exposure. This material is so popular that production is estimated to take more than a year to catch up with orders, and it has yet to be released for residential use.

Another trend recently reported by Realty Today, is the use of black and other dark colors in the kitchen. While this is not new for 2015, it seems to be catching on in the mainstream, especially with younger homeowners who are moving away from the old, sterile white of the parents and grandparents. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on the subject, Maria Stapperfenne, president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), said, “People aren’t afraid of the dark.”

New York architect Richard Sammons of Fairfax & Sammons stated, “Dark materials create atmosphere. They are a corrective antidote to the antiseptic quality of the 20th-century white-enameled kitchen or the professional stainless steel kitchen so recently in vogue.”

While we here at do not profess to have the ability to see the future, we do take into consideration the attempts of all others. What do you believe 2015 has in store for the kitchen and countertop industry? Let us know in the comments below or by sending an email to

You may also be interested in this updated version of this article on 2015 kitchen trends that also focuses on 2015 countertop trends we have been observing or this 2015 forecast for the countertop and surfacing industry.

7 Comments For This Post

  1. Kitchen 2015 Says:

    Thanks for these great ideas . I will decorate my kitchen according to these ideas

  2. A&M Says:

    Thanks for a great article. We’re in the midst of remodeling our kitchen and some of these elements are exactly what we’re considering. We’re going with a “modular” approach to the kitchen – seeing each “zone” as a separate element that can be designed independently. The old oak cabinets are being refurbished with an espresso color – some of the center panels replaced with glass. Our freestanding KitchenAid range will be replaced with 30″ WOlf with bright red knobs. One wall holds our pantry, French door fridge, cabinets & countertop. The left side will stay the same – the right is going from a 1980s microwave & desk counter to a 5′ length of stainless steel with a French door stainless steel wine fridge. We’re thinking of getting a “farm style” sink made of stainless steel reaching from window sill to counter front. Now, for the rest of the countertops we’re a little stuck. One area is going to go from being a 30″ depth counter to a 48″ depth counter/bar area (we’ll add a bookcase underneath to add support). I’d like to go with Caesarstone’s Atlantic Salt quartz because I like the clean light effect and the flecks of metallic elements, which echoes the appliances and our stainless steel “wine zone.” I’m not sure a 3rd countrop element would work with those two (Quartz & Stainless Steel). Anyone have opinions?

  3. Steven C Says:

    I’d have to agree with quartz countertops becoming much more prevalent these days. Their are some great color options with quartz that you definately can’t find when picking from granite or marble. Price is pretty comparable to granite as well, which makes it a good choice.

  4. cradmin Says:

    Don’t know if you all saw the update to this article that went up the other day, but its worth looking at. Check it out at this link for Updated 2015 Kitchen Trends

  5. Gaylord K. of Quality Certified Kitchen & Bath Says:

    Really enjoyed this article post. Much obliged. Do you have anything more up to date yet?

  6. cradmin Says:

    Gaylord – if you read the end of the article or the comment before yours, you would see we have an updated article. Check out this recent follow up article on 2015 Kitchen and Countertop Trends.

    W.S. Franklin, Staff

  7. DanielBruce Says:

    Good to know about some trendy kitchen-trends. As I am going to buy new kitchen cabinets for my kitchen and such tips will help me to choose best ones.

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