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Wilsonart Releases New Laminate Patterns and Textured Finishes

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Wilsonart Releases New Laminate Patterns and Textured Finishes

Posted on 02 October 2017 by Sydne Unnerstall

Wilsonart antique marula pine low res

Antique Marula Pine

Wilsonart has introduced new commercial laminate designs for Fall 2017.

Aligned Oak HD Premium Finish is an “Aligned Texture,” that synchronizes dimensional texture and printed design to give clarity and richness to the high pressure laminate sheet. The finish offers a plain sawn structure with blends of straight grains and natural variations balanced throughout. The mix of matte and dual gloss levels in the finish, aim to create a natural look and feel of real wood. Designs featuring the Aligned Oak texture also carry AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff Resistance and silver-ion Antimicrobial Protection.

New Aligned Oak textures: Ashbee Oak, a quiet and reserved oak design of light taupe and mocha graining; Ruskin Oak, a  light honey color and rich, warm undertones showcase the authentic embossed and aligned texture; Fisher Oak, a classic aged oak design with detailed graining;  Stickley Oak, a deep coffee color oak design reinforced by an authentic embossed and aligned texture; Carter Oak, a weathered oak design in shades of warm grey; and Morris Oak, a plain sliced classic oak design in a refined ebony color and embossed and aligned texture.

Leno Weave Premium Finish features random intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, creating a geometric weave with a matte-gloss mix. Designs featuring Leno Weave texture carry AEON Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistance.

These patterns feature new Leno Weave Finish: Magnolia, a white neutral abstract in a soft crossweave pattern;  Mushroom, a heathered grey crossweave pattern; and Battleship, a cool steel grey abstract in a soft crossweave pattern.

Two new solid colors in a matte finish support the trend for pure solid grey:
Pewter, a rich solid shade of cool grey and Cement, a solid mid-tone cool grey color.

Innovation is about new and inventive opportunities to connect color and materials in creative and dramatic combinations. Wilsonart Traceless Laminate with  fingerprint resistant technology is innovative and the trend comes alive in these super matte designs: Snow White Velvet, Cream Velvet, Silver Velvet, Charcoal Velvet and Black Velvet.

Craft celebrates moments in time such as a uniquely crafted item or a life-changing experience. This trend is evident in Planked California Walnut, Antique Bourbon Pine and Antique Marula Pine.

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